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Become Fancy, Live Fancy, Stay Fancy

"Embrace the fancy life—invest in DogWIFFancyHat ​Crypto on Solana. Stay fancy, or settle for a lifetime ​of unfancy regrets." - Michael Burry Probably

BECOME fancy

The next meme crypto coin to 1000x

Guide to Becoming Fancy

Step 1: Escape Poverty, Buy DWFH ​Crypto & Become Fancy

Step 2: Hold DWFH, Stay Fancy & ​Receive DWFH Crypto Rewards ​Every 3 Months

Step 3: Live Fancy, Ride the 1000x Rocket

How to Purchase Step by Step Guide-DWFH Crypto

Step 1

Your first steps to becoming fancy

United States Users - Setup a Coinbase Account: Coinbase Link Here

(Non-U.S. Users - Setup a Binance Account: Binance Link Here

Step 2

Purchase Solana - On Coinbase: Buy Solana Coinbase

Purchase Solana on Binance: Buy Solana Binance

Step 3

Download the Phantom Crypto Wallet on

Desktop or Mobile: Phantom Wallet Download Here

Step 4​

Launch the Phantom wallet extension or open ​the Phantom app on your mobile device and ​click/tap on the “Deposit" button.

Step 5

Search for SOL and select the token to view the ​deposit address and/or the corresponding QR ​code.

Step 6

Click on the "Copy" button to copy the deposit address. ​You can also always use the QR code if someone wants to ​scan it when they’re sending assets from their wallet to ​yours.

Step 7​

Navigate to your exchange (ie: Binance, Coinbase etc) ​and find where you can “Withdraw” or “Send” your SOL.

Step 8

Paste the deposit address you just copied from your ​Phantom wallet into the address field of the exchange ​withdrawal screen.

Step 9

Enter the amount you wish to send, double check the ​network, and then initiate the withdraw or send to your ​Phantom wallet

Step 10

Navigate to Jupiter Crypto Exchange at Link ​Here

Step 11​

Click the Connect Wallet Button to connect your ​Phantom​ Wallet

Last Step!


Step 12

Type in the amount of SOL (Solana Crypto) you ​would like to swap for DWFH and press Swap



Oh so fancy

Already Have a Phantom ​Wallet In​stalled?

"Investing in dogwiffancyhat may seem ​whimsical, but beneath its novelty lies ​extreme profit potential.”

- Warren Buffett’s Dog

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ABOUT - dogwiffancyhat


We would like to provide the opportunity for others to ​become, live and stay fancy. In the existence of living a 9 to ​5, this is the proletariats chance to join the bourgeois class.

Why choose DWFH Crypto

Allowing plebians the chance to join the elites. Becoming, ​living and staying fancy is a goal all can achieve, if they ​believe in dogwiffancyhat. Keeping it fancy, always.


Behind dogwiffancyhat is an Ivy league educated series ​of developers, high-level finance advisors and financial ​management consultants, unlike any other meme coin.

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Stay Fancy My ​Friends